Strategic Move to an AI-supported application for Public Safety Travel App in London

about SafeTravel London
SafeTravel London is a pioneering travel app dedicated to ensuring the safety of London’s residents and tourists while navigating the city. With London’s bustling streets, diverse transportation modes, and ever-evolving urban landscape, there was a pressing need for an application that could provide real-time safety alerts and travel recommendations.
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Reduction in User-Reported Safety Incidents
Reduction in Manual Support
More efficiently using insights from the data analytics
Continuous improvement in AI accuracy

The Challenge

While SafeTravel London was popular among users, it lacked the capability to predict potential safety concerns based on real-time data. The app relied heavily on user-reported incidents, which often led to delays in alert dissemination. Furthermore, the increasing number of users demanded a more intuitive and responsive interface.

What did
CraftDigitally do

CraftDigitally partnered with SafeTravel London to transform the app into an AI-driven platform:

  1. Real-time Safety Alerts: Integrated AI algorithms to analyze data from CCTV feeds, traffic updates, and public reports to predict and alert users about potential safety concerns in real-time.
  2. Personalized Travel Recommendations: Used machine learning to understand user preferences and behavior, offering personalized travel routes that prioritize safety.
  3. Chatbot Assistance: Implemented an AI-powered chatbot to assist users with queries, report incidents, and provide immediate safety tips.
  4. Data Analytics Dashboard: Developed a dashboard for city officials and law enforcement to monitor public safety trends and respond proactively.
  5. User Feedback Loop: Introduced a feature allowing users to validate or dispute AI-generated alerts, continuously improving the system’s accuracy.

The Results

The technology that we use to support SafeTravel London

Google Cloud Platform
Power BI
OAuth 2.0
End-to-end Encryption
Apache Kafka

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