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EduConnect Global is an educational institution with a vision to make quality education accessible to everyone, regardless of geographical constraints. With the rise of the digital age and the increasing need for flexible learning solutions, the institution sought to transition from traditional classroom settings to a comprehensive online platform.
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The Challenge

While EduConnect Global had a vast curriculum and a team of dedicated educators, they lacked the infrastructure to deliver courses online. They faced challenges in content delivery, real-time student-teacher interaction, assessment management, and ensuring a collaborative learning environment in a virtual setting.

What did
CraftDigitally do

CraftDigitally collaborated with EduConnect Global to develop a holistic online distance learning platform:

  1. Interactive Course Modules: Designed multimedia-rich course content that catered to various learning styles, including videos, quizzes, and interactive simulations.
  2. Real-time Virtual Classrooms: Implemented video conferencing tools to facilitate live lectures, discussions, and doubt-clearing sessions.
  3. Assessment & Feedback System: Developed an automated system for assignments, quizzes, and exams with instant feedback and grading.
  4. Collaborative Learning Tools: Integrated forums, chat rooms, and group project tools to foster collaboration among students.
  5. Progress Tracking & Analytics: Introduced a dashboard for students to track their progress, and for educators to monitor student performance and engagement.

The Results

The technology that we use to support EduConnect Global

React & Node.js
Git & GitHub

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