Major Insurance Provider Saves $750k per Month With Big Data Migration

About InsureTech Global
InsureTech Global, a leading insurance provider, has been serving millions of customers worldwide for decades. With the rise of digital transformation in the insurance sector, the company recognized the need to leverage big data to enhance its operations, customer service, and risk assessment capabilities.
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Per month reduction in operation cost
Reduction in Data Processing Time
Reduction in Turnaround Time
Enhanced Data Security

The Challenge

As the volume of customer data grew exponentially, InsureTech Global faced challenges in data storage, processing, and analytics. Their legacy systems were not equipped to handle the vast amounts of data, leading to slow processing times, increased operational costs, and missed opportunities in data-driven decision-making.

What did
CraftDigitally do

CraftDigitally partnered with InsureTech Global to embark on a comprehensive big data migration journey. Our approach included:

  1. Data Assessment: Evaluating the existing data infrastructure, identifying bottlenecks, and understanding the specific needs of the insurance domain.
  2. Migration to Cloud: Transitioning from legacy systems to a scalable cloud infrastructure, specifically leveraging AWS Big Data services.
  3. Implementation of Hadoop & Spark: For distributed data processing, ensuring faster analytics and real-time data insights.
  4. Data Lakes Creation: Organizing vast amounts of structured and unstructured data in a centralized repository, allowing for efficient querying and analysis.
  5. Advanced Analytics Integration: Introducing machine learning and AI algorithms to predict insurance trends, assess risks, and personalize customer experiences.

The Results

The technology that we use to support InsureTech Global

Apache Ranger
Apache Kafka

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